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Fiberglass reinforced composites

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In collaboration with our customers, we are, as a rule, part of the construction phase, such that the correct and best possible producible solution is chosen.

Mould Construction

With our background and years of experience, we produce our moulds ourselves, using fiberglass technology. We utilize some of our country’s best model builders as sparring partners or actual model suppliers. This guarantees short delivery times and low mould related expenses to our customers.​

Manual application

This process is the oldest within the fiberglass industry, and is still the most commonly used process at Dansk Polyglas A/S. We have, since our founding in 1985, had great success with this production method. Through the years, we have developed great "know how” and expertise in this area.

Most of our manual application occurs today using applicator machines, such that there is always tight control in connection to the addition of hardening agents and mixing proportions. In terms of working environment, this is also an advantage as the addition and mixing of polyesters and hardening agents occurs in a closed system. Hereby these items are not handled manually, styrene vapours are minimized significantly.​

This process has the following advantages:​

  • Low mould costs (we often produce the mould parts ourselves)
  • Competitive prices with small and medium-sized series


RTM stands for Resin Transfer Moulding (also called vacuum or injection moulding).

This process has the following advantages:​

  • A more environmentally sound production because of the moulding occurring within a closed system
  • Better tolerance than when using manual application
  • Products with gel coat and smooth surfaces on both sides
  • Competitive prices for medium-sized and larger series.

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