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Fiberglass reinforced composites

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the andersen chair​

In 2012 Dansk Polyglas A/S started to develop “The Andersen Chair” for byKATO and Brødrene Andersen Møbelsnedkeri A/S (now Andersen Furniture A/S). The chair is designed by Danish design company byKATO and it is inspired by international furniture design in 60´s and minimalistic Scandinavian style.

By choosing fiberglass construction for this product, it will have following advantages:​

  • High finish
  • High strength
  • High durability
  • High gloss gelcoat surface
  • Colour retention
  • Maintenance free

With right production set up, right materials and tight control over manufacturing processes, Dansk Polyglas A/S managed to reach the right and high finish surface of the chair from both side and the right organic form for optimal comfort. A great success with the chair prototype leaded to a comprehensive series production of The Andersen Chair.

Subsequently the Danish Technological Institute has tested the chair and rated the chair as follows:​

  • Stable – chair was tested with maximum load
  • Meets the requirements for the furniture – safety, strength and durability

Would you like to hear more, how your company can get more success with our fiberglass (design) products, please feel free to contact us.



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