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Fiberglass reinforced composites

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​Composite Transition Piece (TP) Covers for Offshore Wind Farm project in Germany.

February 2016 won Dansk Polyglas A/S contract to design, develop and manufacture 67 pcs. of composite covers to transition pieces for Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm in Germany.

The TP cover protects advanced equipment inside the TP against the corrosive offshore environment until wind turbine installation. There are high demands on the design and functionality of TP Cover: f.ex. watertightness, safe handling of equipment and safe access and egress for personnel to and from the TP etc.

For the Veja Mate project the developed and manufactured TP Cover met all the customer´s requirements with following general features:

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  • ·​Built-in steps
  • ·​Anti-slip surface
  • ·​Able to carry min. 2 persons of totally 250 kg/m² at any location on walkable area.
  • ·​Designed for “Cable-pull in”
  • ·​Designed to resist snow load
  • ·​Customized GRP Access Hatches
  • ·​Customized GRP Top Hatch
  • ·​Customized GRP Ventilator Unit
  • ·​Installation time less than 20 min. offshore.
  • ·​Weight approx. 550 kg
  • ·​Watertight
  • ·​Corrosion resistant Offshore environment

All the covers have been designed, calculated, tested and manufactured in accordance with common offshore standards and delivered in time despite the strength time scheduler. Furthermore, the developed TP Cover has received laudatory feedback from different parties involved in the project. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about our TP Cover solution(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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