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Fiberglass reinforced composites

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Fibreglass composite is a strong and lightweight material consisting of a mix of resin and fibreglass reinforcement of E-Glas, Powder Glas and/or wowen/stiched roving.

Fibreglass composite has a unique durability and is widely used in Construction, Furniture, Wind Energy, Maritime and Offshore Industries.

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We have more than 45 years` of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing fibre-glass composites.

​Our competencies are not only about manufacturing standard composite due to the fact, that we are skilled in using chemical resistant and flame retardant systems (i.e. Vinylester and Phenolic).

We have solid competencies in following processes:

  • Hand Lay-Up
  • RTM Vacuum Moulding
  • Compression Moulding

PROJECT management

We have managed both small, medium and large projects within the building- and Construction indu-stry, Landscaping and Infrastructure, Wind Industry and Offshore. The latest is TP Covers for the Danish Kriegers Flak.

We join our clients from idea, development, designing, engineering as well as manufacturing of models and moulds and prototyping to the final series production.

Dansk Polyglas A/S

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E-mail: post@polyglas.dk

What's new

Fiberglass meets modern architecture.
Fiberglass panels function as light source and create a homogeneous expression in the interaction between the materials (fiberglass-wood-concrete)
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