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Fiberglass reinforced composites

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Dansk polyglas ltd.​

Dansk Polyglas Ltd. develops and manufactures composite items from fiberglass reinforced polyester, as well as chemical resistant and fire resistant systems.

Dansk Polyglas Ltd. Was established in 1985, but the experience with fiberglass components goes almost 40 years back.

The company is situated centrally on the island of Funen, close to the major freeway, and and spans in 3000 m2 of production and administration facilities.

We have been Gazelle Company from 2003-2005 and in 2008 we were chosen as the business of the year by Broby Business Council.

All together, we employ 18 workers​

Dansk Polyglas A/S

Industrivej 12

5672 Broby

CVR: DK21802042

Phone: +45 62 64 12 00

Fax: +45 62 64 12 09

E-mail: post@polyglas.dk

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